Meditation Mentoring

I offer one on one mentoring for Mindfulness and Loving kindness Meditation. I'll show you the techniques that will change the habits of your mind, and lead to a greater sense of peace and happiness. Meditation practice is also called "gradual training". This means that meditation is to be lived and embodied in every moment of every day. With my guidance you will learn the structure and motivation for practice, and you'll soon experience the transformative power of training the mind.

These sessions are 30 minutes every 2 weeks by Skype, or at my home.

* The price is $75 to $150 sliding scale per session.  
The Art of Manifestation: A Six Session Series

These are one on one sessions of manifestation mentoring. There are 6 sessions over a three month period to help you create the life you love. With my support you will create a clear intention, and identify the limiting thoughts that are holding you back. You will also create and live by new beliefs that will give you more confidence and personal power, enabling you to manifest the things you wish for in your life.

Some of the tools I teach are visualization meditations, personalized affirmation work, practices for cultivating gratitude and vision board work.

The sessions are 30 minutes every 2 weeks by Skype, or in my home.

* The price is $150 per session or $700 for all 6 sessions if you pay in advance.

* I can come to your home if you’re in the Los Angeles area for an additional $50 traveling fee.

For more information on both of these practices, please email me here.